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Agents, Distributors, Customers, Industrial Partners, Suppliers


First free meeting in the company to define boundaries and objectives of your project




Il Contact is The Key

Complete and Fast Solutions from 30 years of B2B Experience


Decisive for success will be choosing the right door to cross the export border, and start working soon with your new business partners. Partner is able to build the right bridge to your new commercial multipliers abroad, selecting them among the best professionals in a competent and targeted way and accompanying you in a flexible and fast way, up to the agreement’s signature and beyond.


  • Who we are


    Experience, Skills, Specialization


  • 30 years in the commercial management of complex SME and Corporate organizations (10 years as Export Manager, 8 as Commercial Director and 12 as Entrepreneur).


    Technical, multilingual background and a passion for international sales, relationships and networking.


    Always active in the targeted research, selection and management of agents, distributors, managers, suppliers and customers around the world.


    Main focus of the activity set on technical products and complex services in the industry, especially in the metalworking, rubber-plastic and wood sectors.


    B2B commercial development achieved on all world markets, mainly in the European area of D and GB language, but also in the USA, MO, Far East areas.







First Meeting - Business Analysis - Definition of Objectives

We set up a meeting in the company to define boundaries and reasonable goals for your project.


Market Valuation - Research Strategy - World Database

We analyze the market potential, define the strategy and identify the right targets for you.


Partners Selection - Presentation and final Choice - Agreement Signing

We seek only the best Partners and we work on the agreement draft - including targets - up to the signing.





No more high-risk expenses for Trade Shows, Travels, Hiring and Commercial Contact Lists!


Let's not waste any more time thinking that “by trying, sooner or later we will succeed… “. It is time to act!


We offer you complete solutions for your business development, and not just lists of potential contacts.


Together we evaluate Competitive Capacity, Development Potential and Product / Service Areas to be promoted.


We define the best markets of destination, i.e. the countries that we can target and prioritize to be successful.


We aim at the right goal, that is to say the most suitable channels and industrial application fields for you.


We agree on the Research Profiles of the new right foreign commercial contacts.


We select only the best Candidates, we thoroughly evaluate their Potential, Goals and true Motivation, and then we present them to you.


We work on the bilingual agreement draft, on its pre-negotiation and we put specific targets into it.


We optimize the Resources available for the Search, Selection, Insertion, Start-up and Management of your new export Partners.


We aim for the Results’ Continuity thanks to experienced, capable and motivated local business multipliers.

Success Stories


In some key sectors: Metalworking, Plastic, Wood


Direct sales and creation of a network of agencies in the Central and Northern European area for an Italian lift manufacturer (20 million).


Development in Italy / Abroad, search for clients and agencies for an Italian manufacturer (5 mio) in the precision mechanics.


Partnership between Italian manufacturer of plastic articles (30 million) and German distributor with more than 1,000 customers.


Market research, network selection and management in Europe and MO for an Italian producer (6 million) of garden plastic items.


Partnership between an Italian furniture manufacturer (10 million) and an center European manufacturer (50 million) with 300 distributors.


Selection of agencies in Europe, MO, Asia for a leading Italian producer of wood components (650 million) and support in the JV with a competitor.